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Project Description
Chat room based instant messaging solution using wcf, wpf, mvvm, .net 4.0.

That project is still at its early stage at the moment. If you want to test it, just download the last build and compile it using vs2010.

Feel free to leave any comments about it, feedbacks are always welcome :)

Main Features :

  • Chat room based text messaging.
  • Public or Private chat rooms. (Protect able using a password)
  • Encrypted communication.
  • Client to Server and Client to Client communication.
  • Custom GUI for a persistent look across OS versions.
  • SqLite database.
  • Localized : English(default), French (More to come as soon as i have someone to translate it)

Icons :


Main window with French UI:


Chat room details with French UI :


User details with French UI :


Settings with English UI :


Private Chat room details with English UI :


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